When asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, English mountaineer George Mallory famously replied “Because it’s there.” We at East Coast Contessas agree that seeking out adventure provides the ultimate reward: a new and inspiring perspective on the world. And while we haven’t been everywhere, it’s on our list.

Through our partnerships with more than 200 hotels, restaurants, tourism boards, and consumer brands across nine countries and dozens of U.S. cities since October 2015, we have, with grateful hearts, been presented with countless once in a lifetime experiences.

However, blogging isn’t always about luxury, grandiose gestures, or expensive gifts or meals. For us, it’s about relationships with people – small business owners, entrepreneurs, chefs, wait staff, sommeliers, tour guides, hosts, and concierges – and it’s up to us to understand and share their unique stories with you, our readers.

These relationships not only teach us about other cultures, beliefs, and ways of life, but teach us to be more compassionate and more open-minded human beings. Our hope is that our adventures, in some small way, spark that very same passion in you, our people.

So thank you. Thank you for sharing in our constant state of wanderlust, and supporting us throughout what has truly been the experience of a lifetime.

Alex & Karen



Alexandra is the co-founder and editor of East Coast Contessas assigned to the Washington, DC metro area. A media relations manager and PR guru by day, Alex received a degree in News/Editorial Journalism & Broadcast in 2009, and has since worked with numerous media outlets such as Fox News, USA Today, Washington Post, CNN, MTV News, and the Associated Press, among others. Her writing has been featured in the Wall Street JournalWashington Post, Houston Chronicle, Washington Examiner, The HillDaily Caller, and others. When she’s not traveling the world for work or fun, you can find her strolling the busy sidewalks of New York City on weekends in search of unicorn lattes and rainbow bagels, scouring the shelves at a local bookstore to add to her Reagan collection, or planning her next trip to “Lord only knows where” as her father often says.


Karen is the co-founder of the East Coast Contessas and is assigned to the Greater New York City area. She has fully embraced the big city lifestyle after growing up in small town America, and can’t picture herself living anywhere else. She loves trying new restaurants and shopping at the local boutiques in the Big Apple. You will most likely find Karen at a speak easy lounge sipping on a delicious craft cocktail or having a gourmet burger with a beer from a local brewery. Karen developed a huge taste for wanderlust during college when she studied abroad for five months in Europe. During her time overseas, she traveled to countries such as Spain, Greece, Holland, France and Italy. When she’s not living it up in the City that Never Sleeps, she’s always planning her next big travel adventure.