Review: Malmaison

Review: Malmaison

Not far from the banks of the Potomac River, lies a piece of classic France tucked away in a chic, two story restored warehouse on the corner of K and Water Street Northwest in Georgetown. Made out of intricately placed white stone brick, the quaint and casual cafe and booming events space known as Malmaison serves up modern French fare, signature cocktails, and features a pastry shop starring the extravagant creations of 2 Michelin star Chef Gerard Pangaud and Pastry Chef Ruth Stoltzfus.

It’s no wonder this magical slice of France in the heart of the nation’s capitol has become so popular over the years given its polished and elegant ambiance. Popping pastel colors cheerfully greet those who enter through the doors while the smell of fresh floral bouquets mixed with the scent of roasting coffee beans permeate the air. Open since June 2013, Malmaison has offered patrons full lunch service and happy hour specials Monday through Friday as well as weekend brunch Saturday and Sunday.

We were lucky enough to taste a number of Malmaison’s flawless and flavorful lunch and brunch dishes, as well as some of Chef Ruth’s culinary cafe delicacies (including a spiked latte), their famous house-pressed juices and intricately hand-crafted cocktails.

Any good brunch starts off with a round of cocktails, of course, but this time, brunch was different –  different in all the right ways.

We were each served a tall flute of “Josephine’s Dream” that consisted of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, vanilla syrup, and champagne (we’re Kentucky girls at heart, after all!)

In the true spirit of Sunday brunch, we were also treated to second cocktail – Malmaison’s signature “Mademoiselle Coco”the featured coconut infused vodka and champagne garnished with chocolate sauce & coconut shavings (yes, that is chocolate-rimmed champagne flute rolled in sweet coconut shavings, people!) 

For our first course, we were served the gorgeous and flavorful “Crab Benedict” over English Muffin slices featuring juicy jumbo-lump crab cakes, creamy poached eggs, and fresh spinach. The rich yolk was the perfect dip for the crisp diced potatoes when combined with the buttery hollandaise sauce.

Next we were served the decadent “French Toast” dish where thick halves of challa bread covered in sliced almonds, frangipane, fresh berries and powdered sugar headlined. The delicate sweetness of the maple syrup was an added bonus when paired with the peaks of powdered sugar.

To round out our brunch experience, our final entree was the “Veggie Tartine” which featured sliced and sautéed portobello mushroom, roasted pepper, eggplant, zucchini, sautéed onion, and pesto over an open-face toasted baguette.

No good meal can be complete without a touch of something sweet, and Malmaison certainly has their sugary confection selections down to a tee!

We were served a decadent “Salted Choco-Caramel Tart” with rich chocolate ganache topping (and a real gold flake for added flare!)

For the a perfect pairing with dessert, Chef Ruth fired up the java machine and eloquently crafted a spiked pumpkin latte with whole steamed milk, espresso, and a milk chocolate shot glass filled to the brim with Captain Morgan’s Puerto Rican rum right before our eyes. (This was dropped into the beverage like a flavor bomb to melt at the bottom of the glass mix with the steamed milk).

Finished off with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, it was the perfect beverage to warm us up right before hitting the busy sidewalks of Georgetown for a day of shopping!

In addition to the beverages and cuisines mentioned above, Malmaison also offers signature French dishes such as assorted crepes, Croque Monsieur and Madame’s with Jambon De Paris Ham, gruyere, and béchamel sauce, and elegant macarons in assorted flavors (pictured below are pumpkin spice, chai spice, and wild raspberry).

To plan your next holiday party, birthday celebration, gala, or fundraiser, or to simply reserve a spot at the bar’s cafe to sample some of Chef Ruth’s irresistible culinary creations, visit (website) Don’t forget to tell them the East Coast Contessas sent you.


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  • certifiedpastryaficionado

    Yummm! It all looks delicious. That french toast and macarons are right up my alley! I’ve got to make sure I visit next time I got to DC to visit my best friend.

    December 16, 2016 at 6:35 am
  • kage2015

    If I ever venture into that area of the country I will be stopping by to partake of some of their delicious courses. That egg benedict with crab would be a great way to start off.

    December 16, 2016 at 9:15 am