Patrizia’s of Brooklyn

Have you ever wished you were in Rome dining at one of those adorable el fresco cafe's while drinking a glass of prosecco and eating the most perfect slice of pizza?  Yeah, so do we! However, if jetting off to the Eternal City whenever you feel like it for a pizza pie isn't an option, we discovered a place that will make all your italian culinary wishes come true (minus the eight hour flight). Patrizia's of Manhattan (the brand new sister restaurant to Patrizia's Brooklyn) is one of the most

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STK Rooftop

STK Downtown Rooftop – NYC

Nestled just off the Hudson River within Manhattan's bustling meatpacking district, sits a distinct yet classic foodie haven that towers over the shoppers, tourists, and native New Yorkers traveling the cobblestone streets below. No matter where you look - up, down, right or left - the immense beauty of The High Line may demand your attention, but another destination has been giving the famous sky park a run for it's money for more than a decade: STK Downtown Rooftop. The location at 26

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Charleston, SC

If you're looking for a great family vacation this summer, you'll want to check out Charleston, South Carolina. As the quintessential southern town that has no shortage of charm or beauty, it is at the top of our list of "must-see" U.S. destinations!  So sit back, relax, grab a glass a wine, and let us take you around Charleston. FIRST STOP Once we landed, we knew exactly where we wanted to go - the famous Hominy Grill. If you want a classic Charleston meal, there's no place more

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Basic Burger

Attention all burger aficionados! Boy oh boy, don't we have a surprise in store for you. While it's no surprise that burgers have been around for well over 100 years, we would like to introduce you to a burger joint of a different kind - one that in no way aims to reinvent one of America's favorite , but does so nonetheless. In fact, the owners of Basic Burger are so humble about the deliciousness of their simple American fare, we just had to share this new DC-area gem with the rest of our

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ZooFari 2016

Lions and tigers and (panda) bears, oh my! On the beautifully warm and breezy evening of Thursday, May 19th, we joined the Friends of the National Zoo and more than 100 of the DC-areas best restaurants and vinters on the wild plains of the Smithsonian National Zoo for "ZooFari 2016," a wildly amazing fundraiser that aims to protect wildlife species from all walks of life! In addition to an abundance of complimentary samplings of the city's most delicious dishes, hand-crafted cocktails, and

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If dessert was a piece of art, then Amorino has created a masterpiece! Their flower shaped gelato cone is truly as beautiful as it is tasty, but we'll get into that later! First, let us give you some background on this one-of-a-kind gelato shop. Amorino began in Paris as the brain child of two best friends, Paolo Benassi and Cristiano Sereni. They took their passion for gelato-making to the streets and opened up the first Amorino store back in 2002. Paolo and Cristiano's objective was to

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DC Chocolate Festival

Do you believe that everyone should have access to great chocolate? We sure do! Thankfully, our friends at The DC Chocolate House agree, which is why they organized and hosted the first annual Chocolate Festival in the heart of the nation's capitol. Held at The Westin Hotel in Washington, D.C.'s swanky City Center, more than 300 chocolatiers and chocoholics alike attended the festival to taste test, learn about chocolate from different makers, and mingle amongst one another to talk all things

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Citizen Burger Bar

When you think of the perfect burger, what comes to mind? A perfect cheese-to-meat ratio? A crispy, buttery sesame bun? Or maybe it's a messy yet delicious overflow of condiments that tickle your fancy. Whatever it may be, our most recent partner has mastered the art and science of crafting the perfect patty. In fact, their motto is "a delicious burger is your right - perhaps ever your responsibility." They believe that a great patty paired with a cold brew is a basic freedom that Americans

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Ice Cream Jubilee

Thinking back on your happiest memories as a child, what comes to mind? A favorite toy? Your closet family member or a beloved family pet? While it's safe to say most of us have experienced an unforgettable sense of joy from one, if not all, of these things, there is one common, yet often forgotten factor that has provided our summers, our tastebuds, and our hearts with a sense of unmeasurable love and contentment: ice cream. Not what you expected us to say, huh? Probably not, but it's so

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Senza Gluten NYC

The Big Apple can, at times, appear overwhelming with seemingly endless amounts of amazing restaurants to choose from. So how do you decide on just one? The decision becomes even more lucrative if you find yourself on the prowl for a gluten-free menu! If you're visiting NYC (or even if you're an NYC native) and the above describes your daily struggle, we suggest a pit stop at Senza Gluten located in the very charming East Village of Manhattan. Senza Gluten's 100 percent gluten-free

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Summer has never tasted so sweet thanks to this Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella from Fyve Restaruant at the @ritzcarlton Pentagon City! So fresh AND delicious! 🍅😍🍅 #foodandwine #howisummer
#latergram from when we hit the oyster jackpot at @yuzuchicago 😱🙌 #foodandwine #howisummer
When life hands you lemons, slice them up and make a gin and tonic! We partnered up with @Zevia to create our "Citrus Sparkler" cocktail recipe - a twist on an old classic. We love that Zevia is a non-GMO Project verified, naturally sweetened, zero calorie soda! Product and recipe details live on the blog now...bottoms up! {link in bio}
Feeling a sweet tooth coming on this Sunday afternoon?  @hummuskitchenuppereastside has you covered with this vegan "Loco Morocco" dessert - a chocolate mousse center with a chewy coconut crust topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce. #foodandwine #howisummer
Would it be considered "shellfish" if we ate this *entire* plate of chorizo shrimp and grits...? 🙊 Thanks to Fyve Restaurant at the @ritzcarlton Pentagon City for a fabulous dining experience!
Want a really "cool" ice cream experience? Then you'll want to try out @coolmessnyc! It's a one-of-a-kind creamery where you get to make your own ice cream right at your table! We had a blast making this birthday cake flavor🍦🎂 Blog post coming soon! #coolisthenewhot
Our picnic in Central Park is complete thanks to these delicious @barefootwine Refresh Spritzers! Blog post coming soon 👍#barefootrefresh #spritzercans
Stop...its hummus time! @hummuskitchenuppereastside 🙋